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Edition Date: June 2018
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Use this dialog box to optimize the processing of custom properties in the DataFinder My DataFinder. When you optimize a custom property the DataFinder displays a new button for this custom property, in the search area. This button lists all existing values for this custom property. The list makes it easier for you to specify the property value you want to search for, and to avoid spelling errors. The DataFinder can search faster for custom properties that you previously optimized.


  File/Group/Channel Specifies whether the DataFinder optimizes file custom properties, group custom properties, or channel custom properties.
Display occurrences of custom properties Determines how often the custom properties occur. DIAdem displays how often in parenthesis behind the custom property.
Optimized Optimizes all selected properties for the data type with which the DataFinder indexed the custom property most frequently.
Not Optimized Removes the optimization for all selected custom properties.
  Property Specifies the custom property.
  Optimization Specifies whether a custom property is optimized.
  Data Type Displays, for custom properties that are already optimized, the data type for which the DataFinder has optimized the custom property.
  Optimize All Optimizes all custom properties. The DataFinder optimizes each custom property for the data type occurring most frequently for this property in the index.
Note  Press <F5> to refresh the DataFinder view and select properties you have already optimized in the advanced search.
Note  To open this dialog box in DIAdem NAVIGATOR, select Settings»My DataFinder»Optimize Custom Properties.

Note  For technical reasons you must first optimize the date/time type custom properties before you can search for these properties.


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