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Use this dialog box to configure the DIAdem REPORT layout.


The following settings are in the object-oriented script interface for DIAdem REPORT in the properties and methods of the Settings object.

Orientation Specifies whether the worksheet is in portrait or landscape format.
Page size Specifies the paper format for the worksheet. With a relative page format, you set the paper format with the height/width ratio. With scaled settings, you specify the height and width of the worksheet. The height and width of the worksheet are smaller than the set paper format, so that you can print the worksheet on all common printers. To create a printout without a margin, use a user-defined paper format with the exact dimensions.
Height/Width ratio Specifies the page height/page width ratio of the worksheet. If you select the User-defined page size, you can enter the height/width ratio.
Scaled Specifies whether DIAdem enables scaled display. Use scaled display to ensure that your report is always the same size, which you specify as the height and width in cm or inches. This enables you to precisely specify how many units of a displayed physical quantity correspond to how many cm or inches, in 2D diagrams. If you select the Display frame checkbox, the frame is exactly this height and width.
Height Specifies the height of the worksheets, in cm or inches. If you select the User-defined paper size, you can enter the page height.
Width Specifies the width of the worksheets, in cm or inches. If you select the User-defined page size, you can enter the page width.
Grid interval Specifies the grid interval as a percentage of the width and height of the worksheet, or in cm or inches if you use a scaled display. You can start the grid with the Grid symbol on the toolbar. The grid helps you precisely position objects in REPORT. The anchor point which DIAdem marks with a small circle in a corner of the REPORT object, snaps to the grid points when you move the object over the grid points. You can disable the grid temporarily by pressing the <ALT> key when positioning an object.
Display frame Specifies whether DIAdem frames a report.
Line color Specifies the color of the layout frame.
Line width Specifies the line width of the layout frame.
Background color Specifies the filling color of the layout frame. Use the setting Filling effects to plot color shading.
Note  The settings you make in the Layout Parameters dialog box do not influence the printer settings. Specify the printout settings of a layout in the Print dialog box.
Note  To open this dialog box in DIAdem REPORT, select Settings»Layout Setup»Layout Parameters.

Further Settings

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