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Edition Date: June 2018
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Use this dialog box to specify the basic settings for the DIAdem REPORT panel.


  Default file Specifies the name of the layout file, which DIAdem loads when the program starts. The file must be available in the user folder.
Browse Opens the dialog box where you select the REPORT default file.
  Template Specifies the name of the layout file, which DIAdem loads when you click File»New. The file must be available in the user folder.
Browse Opens the dialog box where you specify the template.
  Highlight objects Specifies whether DIAdem highlights objects in a REPORT layout when you move the mouse across an object you want to select.
  Always fully update worksheet Specifies whether DIAdem redraws the entire worksheet after you have changed individual objects.
  Display with antialiasing Specifies the graphic display quality in DIAdem REPORT. A higher quality may reduce the display speed.
  Output to printer with transparency Specifies whether DIAdem includes the transparency of the color when printing. Some printers cannot output transparency and instead print these areas without color. If you disable this setting, DIAdem prints transparent colors opaque without transparency.
  Output print data as graphic Specifies whether DIAdem saves the report temporarily as a graphic before DIAdem prints this graphic or displays it as a PDF file. Select this setting if your printer does not correctly display enhanced display options, such as transparent areas. If you select this setting, you cannot select any texts in the PDF documents you have created.
  Create PDF files with Microsoft printer Specifies whether DIAdem uses the Microsoft standard PDF printer available from Windows version 10.
  Print all pages with expanding tables completely

Specifies whether DIAdem REPORT prints all pages for automatically expanding tables. You create automatically expanding tables by selecting the entry Automatically increasing for the setting Table length in the Table Definition: Scaling dialog box.

  Use custom templates for PowerPoint export

Specifies whether DIAdem uses the PowerPoint template specified in the ReportCustomPPTTemplate variable when exporting from PowerPoint. The default value of the variable is FALSE, so that DIAdem uses the standard PowerPoint template.

  Template Specifies the PowerPoint template which DIAdem uses for PowerPoint export if the variable ReportUseCustomPPTTemplate has the value TRUE.
Browse Opens the dialog box where you select the template.
  Sort into curve list according to curve Specifies whether DIAdem sorts the coordinate into the curve list directly behind the selected curve, when creating coordinates interactively.
  Display curve coordinate in legend Specifies whether DIAdem displays this coordinate in the legend when creating coordinates interactively.
Note  To open this dialog box, select Settings»DIAdem Settings»REPORT.


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