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Edition Date: June 2018
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Use this dialog box to define custom properties as a template for the data set, the channel group, and the channels. As soon as you load new data to the Data Portal or create new channel groups or channels, DIAdem adds the associated custom properties from the template.

Note  If you generate new custom properties for a template or change custom properties from a template, the internal data store in the Data Portal is not affected.


New Entry Adds a new row to the overview where you can enter the name, the data type, and the first value for a new custom property. The tilde character is a separator which groups the custom properties in the Property Display of the Data Portal. DIAdem combines custom properties containing the same text before the tilde character.
Delete Entry Deletes the selected custom property from the template.
  Data Set/Group/Channel Specifies whether you generate custom properties for the data set, the channel groups, or the channels.
  Property Specifies the name of the custom property.
  Data Type Specifies the data type of the custom property.
  Initial Value Specifies the first value of the custom property.
Note  To open this dialog box, select Settings»DIAdem Settings»General»Edit. First select the checkbox Template for custom properties.
Note  You save and load a template for custom properties with the General DIAdem Settings.


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