Brake Tests for Trucks

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Edition Date: June 2018
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This example shows the evaluation of a brake test for trucks. DIAdem evaluates the speed recorded with GPS and the measured brake pressure. You can select different speed ranges for which DIAdem determines the characteristic data. The example uses the DataFinder to find the data to be evaluated. The layout uses a master layout. DIAdem uses the Report.AppendLayout command to add additional worksheets to the report depending on the number of data sets.

The example uses various basic mathematics functions and curve fitting functions to analyze the data.

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Brake_test.vbs Script file
Brake_Test.sud Dialog box file
Brake_Test.tdr Layout file
Brake_Test.tdrm Master layout file
Brake_Test_Append.tdr Layout file
Brake_Test_001.tdm Data file
Brake_Test_002.tdm Data file
Brake_Test_003.tdm Data file
Brake_Test_004.tdm Data file
Brake_Test_005.tdm Data file
Note When this example starts, DIAdem loads example files and overwrites existing data and layouts.


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