Filtering Data with a Dialog Box

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Edition Date: June 2018
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This example shows you how to filter data with certain criteria. You can specify the filter criteria in a dialog box. The example analyses the channel values of the filter channel. You can select the channel values as a filter value which are within a specified tolerance. The dialog box suggests the first channel of the default group as the filter channel. You can define a total of three filters. Select the channels to filter from the channel list. In the filter process, the example searches for the filter channel values that meet the filter condition and stores them in a new channel group. Additionally the channel values of the channels which are also filtered are saved in this channel group. The example can only filter channels of the same length.

The example uses the ChnEventDetectionWindow command to filter numeric channels.

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DataFilter_DLG.vbs Script file
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DataFilter.sud Dialog box file
DataFilter.tdm Data file
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