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Edition Date: June 2018
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The following example shows how to execute a search, how to evaluate a found data set, and how to evaluate in detail a channel contained in the data set. The search displays all data sets that start with Long_Term_Measurement and contain the text Temperature in the file description. DIAdem displays the search results in a user dialog box where you can select the data set to be evaluated. DIAdem displays all channels of this data set in an overview. You select a channel from the overview. DIAdem zooms the channel and executes a histogram classification for the channel.

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Long_Term_Measurement.vbs Script file
Long_Term_Measurement.sud Dialog box file
Long_Term_Measurement.tdr Layout file
Long_Term_Measurement_1.tdm Data file
Long_Term_Measurement_2.tdm Data file
Note  When this example starts, DIAdem loads example files and overwrites existing data and layouts.


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