Wizard for Tolerance Evaluation

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Edition Date: June 2018
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This example shows a user dialog box that you use to execute an evaluation. The dialog box is structured like a wizard that requests the necessary information step-by-step. The evaluation compares the charge curves and the discharge curves of a rechargeable flash battery, with a specified set curve. The set curve consists of an upper hull curve and a lower hull curve. You set the tolerance range in the dialog box.

The user dialog box uses the TabPageCtrl control element to display a different tab for each evaluation step, in the bottom part of the user dialog box.

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Note  When this example starts, DIAdem loads example files and overwrites existing data and layouts.

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Tolerance.vbs Script file
Tolerance.sud Dialog box file
Tolerance.tdr Layout file
Tol_Measure1.tdm Data file
Tol_Measure2.tdm Data file
Tol_Set_Point1.tdm Data file
Tol_Set_Point2.tdm Data file


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