User Dialog Box in VIEW for the Calculation of the FFT and Harmonic Frequencies

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Edition Date: June 2018
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This example executes an FFT calculation and displays the harmonic frequencies in DIAdem VIEW.

First, the example loads vibration data and runs a frequency analysis. Specify the settings of the frequency analysis in the user dialog box in DIAdem VIEW. You can also calculate and save the harmonic frequency in relation to the current cursor position or to a value set in the dialog box.

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FFT_Analysis.vbs Script file
FFT_Analysis.sud Dialog box file
FFT_Analysis_UserCMD.vbs Script file with user command
FFT_Expl1.tdm Data file
FFT_Analysis.tdv Layout file
Note  You can only load the layout file FFT_Analysis.tdv without errors with the FFT_Analysis.vbs script because this script executes channel assignments and predefines the user dialog box.
Note When this example starts, DIAdem loads example files and overwrites existing data and layouts.


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