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A channel list is a Channel or Channel list object, or a text that refers to one or several channels.

Refer to the Help page on Channels and Channel References for information on how to reference a channel.

Use the GetChannel method to specify a single channel object, for example:

Use the GetChannels method to return a list of channels, for example:

You also can specify a channel list as text which refers to one or several channels. If you use channel numbers or channel number areas to specify a channel list as text, remember that the channels are not always in the order of the channel numbers in the structure view of the Data Portal. If you use channel names to specify a channel area, DIAdem converts these channel names into channel numbers and uses these numbers to specify the channel areas. Select Renumber Channels from the context menu of the Data Portal root to specify the channel numbers according to the structure view.

If you use text to refer to several channels, you must set the individual channel references in single quotation marks and separate them with a comma, for example:

You also can reference several channels if you specify an area of channels with the following syntax: Channel - Channel. For example, if you want to select the channels Grp1/Chn1, Grp1/Chn4 to Grp1/Chn7, and Grp1/Chn20, specify the following channel list:


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