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Edition Date: June 2018
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Use auxiliary variables to execute calculations in the Calculator or in scripts. DIAdem offers the following auxiliary variables:

Name Type Dimension
R1, R2 ... R30 Real Single value
L1, L2 ... L30 LongInteger Single value
B1, B2 ... B10 Boolean Single value
T1, T2 ... T10 Text Single value
O1 ... O10 Variant Single value
G1, G2 ... G30 Dynamic Enumeration List Single value
RV1 ... RV4 Real Vector [1 ... 15]
LV1 ... LV4 LongInteger Vector [1 ... 15]
TV Text Vector [1 ... 10]
GV Dynamic Enumeration List Vector [1 ... 10]
NoteYou only can assign values to the DIAdem auxiliary variables if they are the same variable type.
Note  If you want to access an element in a vector variable, you must specify the index. For example, use LV1(3) to access the third value in the LV1 vector variable. Always use integer values for the index.


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