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Use the DIAdem program variables to set command parameters in scripts, or to reuse command results. Each DIAdem command has permanently-assigned program variables. Some commands save their results in program variables. Use program variables to label reports. Program variables may be single value, vector, or matrix variables, or they may represent constants or data channels.

Some of the program variables you can only use in their object environment. If you access one of these program variables, you must do so in the appropriate object hierarchy. For more information on using program variables in their object hierarchy, refer to the program variable help page.

Note  In the recording mode, DIAdem does not usually record the value assignment for program variables. Press <Ctrl-Shift-C> in a dialog box to record the assignment of values to program variables. If you are not in the recording mode, copy the assignment of values to program variables with <Ctrl-Shift-C> to the Windows clipboard.
Note  If you use a command with a parameter list in a script, you may not have any blanks between the command and the parameter list.


  • SmoothWidth: This program variable contains the smoothing width for smoothing a signal.

NoteRefer to the script editor page for information about the value and type of a variable when you idle the cursor over the variable. For extensive help information about a variable, position the script editor insert mark in the variable and press <F1>. For information about the variables related to a DIAdem dialog box, call the help for the dialog box and click the parameter.


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