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Use DIAdem variables to reuse values you have entered or calculated, either interactively or in scripts. The specified value ranges are maximum ranges and can deviate for different variables. DIAdem offers the following variable types:

Type Value range
Boolean  TRUE, FALSE or "YES", "NO" or 1, 0
Half/Byte 0 ... 255
Floating-point number Floating point number with double precision. Maximum negative value range: -1.8E + 308 to -4.94E-324. Maximum positive value range: + 4.94E-324 to + 1.8E + 308.
Word 0 ... 65535
Integer -32768 ... 32767
LongInteger -2147483648 ... 2147483647
String Any number of characters
Dynamic enumeration list File with keywords
Enumeration List of keywords
Channel A Channel object or a text which contains a channel number or channel name.
Channel list A Channel or Channel list object, or a text that contains individual channels or a list of channels.
Variant A Variant data type variable can contain various basic data types.


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