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You use DIAdem to analyze and document data from various sources. DataPlugins enable DIAdem to read, load, and process external data. As soon as a DataPlugin makes the external data readable for DIAdem, we call the data a data store.

DIAdem distinguishes between internal data stores and external data stores. The external data store is the data that DIAdem displays in DIAdem NAVIGATOR. This kind of data store can be a file, a folder, or a database, for example. You can browse in external data stores and select data, which you can load or register for processing in DIAdem.

All DIAdem functions work with the internal, TDM-based data store. When you load or register data, you copy the data from the external data store to the internal data store. You use the Data Portal to browse and to select data in internal data stores.

To define data stores in DIAdem NAVIGATOR select Settings»Data Stores»Create Data Store. You export data store definitions to a file that has the filename extension .urs. Another user can double-click the URS file or open the dialog box Import Data Store to activate this definition on his computer. The second function group in DIAdem NAVIGATOR has predefined data stores.

You can use server-based DataPlugins to access databases or ASAM-ODS databases, for example, or you can use file-based DataPlugins to define a data store.

Note  In DIAdem you also can use LabVIEW DSC data stores, Lookout data stores, and VI Logger data stores. To access these data stores you need the respective software components that are installed by default together with the described NI products. If you want to access Citadel 5 data stores but you do not have any of these NI products installed on your DIAdem computer, you must install the Lookout Webclient in addition to DIAdem. You can download the Lookout Webclient at Citadel5 DataPlugin.


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