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Edition Date: June 2018
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In DataFinders DIAdem uses the following symbols to display the type and the status of a folder or of a file:

Symbol Description
Main DataFinder folder DIAdem browses all the search areas of the main folder of the enabled DataFinder.
Search area Search areas are folders that contain subfolders and data files. DIAdem searches for the data only in the search areas. You register search areas on the Search Areas tab of the My DataFinder properties dialog box.
Missing search area The search area is no longer accessible, for example, because a portable storage medium has been disconnected or because no read rights are available for a search area.
Subfolders DIAdem searches for the data in the subfolders of a search area.
Folder with incomplete indexing DIAdem has not indexed all the files in this search area. Wait a moment and then select View»Refresh or press <F5>, to update the view.
Excluded folder DIAdem excludes this folder from the search. Select Add Subfolder in the context menu to reintegrate this folder in the search area.
Unknown file type DIAdem cannot assign a DataPlugin to the file and therefore cannot specify the file type. Visit the DataPlugin Web Site for current documentation on how to create and add DataPlugins to DIAdem and to the DIAdem DataPlugin interface.
Non-indexed file DIAdem has not yet indexed this file. Click the plus sign before the file for DIAdem to index this file.
Time exceeded for indexing DIAdem was not able to index the file within the specified time. You can change the time that DIAdem uses to index a file on the Indexer tab in the Configure My DataFinder dialog box. You cannot change this time for a DataFinder server.
Time exceeded while transferring data The requested data could not be transferred to DIAdem in the specified time or no connection was established with a DataFinder server. You change the timeout for the My DataFinder DataFinder on the Advanced tab in the dialog box Configure My DataFinder. You change the timeout for a DataFinder server in the dialog box DataFinder Server - Connections.
Archived file The file was saved in an archiving system.
Any folder Specifies in the My Computer area any folder.
Any file Specifies in the My Computer area any file.


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