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Edition Date: June 2018
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Use the My DataFinder DataFinder to run a search with the local DataFinder on your local computer or the network. The DataFinder Index is on your computer. You cannot delete or export the MyDataFinder DataFinder and you cannot create an additional local DataFinder. You can specify the search areas that this DataFinder uses for a search.

You can save and load the configuration of the My DataFinder DataFinder. The configuration files have the filename extension *.dfc and contain all DataFinder settings, for example, the search areas, the index location, or the time plan for the indexing.

Select the Import button on a tab in the Configure My DataFinder dialog box. Select the Export button to save a DataFinder configuration. You also can load and save DataFinder configurations with the methods ImportConfiguration and ExportConfiguration of the DataFinderSettings object.


Configuring the Search Results | Defining Search Areas | Executing a Search with OR Operations | Executing a Text Search | Indexing Search Areas | Optimizing Custom Properties | Saving and Loading a Search Query | Searching for Data on a Different Computer in the Network | Searching for Data with a Script Using the Navigator Interface | Searching for Data with a Script without Using the Navigator Interface | Searching for Multiple Properties | Sorting Search Results before Executing a Search


Brake Tests for Trucks | Checking DataPlugins for Timeout | Combining DataFinder Search Results | Context Menu for the Search Results of the DataFinder | Creating ATFX Files from the Context Menu of an ASAM Data Store | Evaluation Wizard for the Search Results of the DataFinder | Filtering Data with a Dialog Box | Filtering Data without a Dialog Box | Search and Evaluation Functions in User Dialog Boxes | Searching for and Evaluating Channels | Searching for Channels in the NAVIGATOR | Searching for Data Sets Marked "Failed" in Data Stores | Searching for Data Sets Marked "Failed" | Searching for Properties and Evaluating the Associated Channels | Varying Browse Settings of a Data Store


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