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Edition Date: June 2018
Part Number: 370858P-01
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Use DIAdem SCRIPT to generate, to edit, to execute, and to monitor scripts. You can generate scripts automatically by recording steps that you execute interactively in the recording mode. In the dialog editor you can generate your own dialog boxes, which you integrate into a script. If you install the Microsoft Debugger, you can check scripts for errors in the debug mode. DIAdem SCRIPT contains the following areas:

  • Use the script editor to enter and edit scripts. Tooltips provide information about the commands and variables. <F1> accesses the help for a selected command or variable. Use CodeCompletion for information about DIAdem commands, objects, methods, and properties. If you press <Ctrl-Spacebar>, DIAdem displays all the objects, commands, and procedures that are available at this point in the script. If you type a dot behind the name of an object, DIAdem displays all properties and methods that this object supports. You can select the methods and properties from this list to use them in the editor. Use shortcuts, for example, to start a script, to search for text and to select text, or to comment out lines.

  • Use the watch area to record all the actions in DIAdem. You can use the watch area in the debug mode to check or edit the contents of variables, while the script is being executed.

  • Use the dialog editor to define user dialog boxes. In user dialog boxes, you can make entries and select various options, while a DIAdem script is running. Unlike the standard dialog boxes, for example message display, you can design user dialog boxes to meet your own requirements. DIAdem saves user dialog boxes in SUD files. Use the commands SUDDlgShow or SudDlgCreate to call user dialog boxes in DIAdem scripts. Use DIAdem variables to connect user dialog boxes to DIAdem, to make default settings in the user dialog box or to process the return values. 

  • Use the menu File»Change Syntax to specify which type of syntax the script editor supports. The script editor has restrictions for DataPlugin scripts compared to DIAdem scripts: You cannot set breakpoints in DataPlugins. You cannot execute DataPlugin scripts directly and you cannot debug the scripts. You cannot drag and drop elements from the Data Portal to a DataPlugin script. You cannot use user dialog boxes in DataPlugin scripts.


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