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Use the DIAdem desktop file to save basic settings and to enable these settings when DIAdem launches. The desktop file has the extension .ddd. In the desktop file you save general default settings for DIAdem behavior, specific data formats, and properties of channels. You also save the parameters for the data area, settings for the logfile, and panel-specific default settings. DIAdem uses the desktop file desktop.ddd by default. DIAdem saves the desktop file in the desktop folder. You can change the start parameters to specify a different desktop file or a different folder.

DIAdem saves dialog box parameters in the parameter files. Parameter files have the same name as the desktop files, with the filename extension .par. When DIAdem saves the desktop file, DIAdem also saves a file with the filename extension .tuc. This file contains the units catalog. DIAdem also creates a file with the extension .bdn and a folder that has the same name as the desktop file. This file and the folder contain the bar definitions, which you can configure using the Bar manager interface. DIAdem also creates a file with the extension *.tpr. This file contains the template for custom properties.

DIAdem saves the desktop files in the current user folder, for example, C:\Documents and settings\User name\Local settings\Application data\National Instruments\DIAdem\.... This folder contains other user-specific files. The operating system usually hides this folder.

To open the dialog box for loading a desktop file, select Settings»Load. To open the dialog box for saving a desktop file, select Settings»Save As.

Note  In the current version of DIAdem, you cannot use desktop files that were created in DIAdem version 7.20 or earlier.
Note  The DeskDrv variable gives you the current desktop folder.
Note  To be able to use a configuration on another computer, you must forward all the configuration files (*.ddd, *.par, *.tuc, *.bdn, *.tpr) and the subfolder that has the same name as the desktop file.


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