General Programming Interface (GPI)

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Edition Date: June 2018
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Use the general programming interface to program DLLs with which you expand the standard functions of DIAdem. For example, the DLL can contain new variables, commands, or drivers. 

The general programming interface contains various APIs (application programming interfaces). With the APIs you can differentiate the areas where you can expand DIAdem. The General Programming Interface contains, for example, the variable API, with which you can extend the variables stock in DIAdem, or the file import/export API, with which you can extend DIAdem with a file filter. The General Programming Interface also contains further APIs that provide special comprehensive help functions.

On the page Registration of GPI-extensions you can find information on how to integrate a GPI-DLL in DIAdem.

The GPI-Toolkit offers support in the development of GPI-extensions. The GPI-Toolkit is on the homepage of National Instruments in the download area of DIAdem.


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