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Select the Display Type»Dialog Box for an area in order to include user dialog boxes in DIAdem VIEW.

Use user dialog boxes to enter and display settings or to start functions. Select Edit Dialog Box from the context menu to open the dialog editor. Use the DIAdem SCRIPT Dialog Editor to create dialog boxes, which you save in a dialog box file with the filename extension *.sud. In a dialog box file, you can save several dialog boxes, so that all the dialog boxes of a project are in the same SUD file.

User dialog boxes comprise controls such as buttons, entry and selection fields, graphics, and text. You can place these controls anywhere in the dialog box and design them as you like. You can use events to connect the elements in the user dialog box with logical operations. To display a user dialog box in DIAdem VIEW the size of this user dialog box must be modifiable and must contain a ViewConnector control. The ViewConnector control is not visible at runtime.

Select Reload Dialog Box from the context menu to refresh the display of an edited dialog box.

In scripts you use the VIEW object Dialog to access the dialog box area in DIAdem VIEW during runtime. Use the VIEW object Dialog, which contains properties, methods, and events that correspond to the user dialog box object Dialog, to edit the user dialog box displayed in this area.


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