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Use the Advanced Search in DIAdem NAVIGATOR to search for the values of the properties you selected for files, groups, or channels. To search for channels that have a maximum value greater than 100 and are saved in files that have a name beginning with the letters data, complete the following steps:

  1. Select the DIAdem NAVIGATOR panel.

  2. Click the Advanced Search button in the search area.

  3. Select the selection term File under Level to search for the property of a file.

  4. Select Filename as the Property.

  5. Select = as the Operator.

  6. Enter Data* as the Value.

  7. Move to the next line of the search conditions.

  8. Select Channel from the table under Level to search for the property of a channel.

  9. Enter Maximum as the Property.

  10. Select > as the Operator.

  11. Enter 100 as the Value.

  12. Click Search Channels.  Click the arrow on the search button to access the search channels button.

DIAdem displays the found channels, in the search results.

Note  When you search for text properties, you can use the question mark ? wildcard for one letter and the asterisk * wildcard for any number of letters.
Note  The search is not case-sensitive.


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