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Use user commands to add your own commands to DIAdem or to redefine existing commands. You define user commands in scripts. You must register these scripts in DIAdem. For example, to add a unit to the y-axis label with a default user command complete the following steps:

  1. Select DIAdem SCRIPT.

  2. Select Settings»Extensions»User Commands.

  3. Click Add and select the file UserCmdReport.VBS in the Examples\Documents folder below the DIAdem Program Folder.

  4. Click Close.

  5. Select DIAdem REPORT.

  6. Select File»New.

  7. Select Insert»2D Axis System.

  8. Position the axis system.

  9. Drag and drop an x-channel and a y-channel from the Data Portal into the axis system.

  10. Double-click a numeric value of the y-axis. DIAdem opens the Curve and Axis Definition dialog box with the Axis Parameters tab.

  11. Enter the following text in the input line Format:

@@Set_Unit(" m/s")@@

  1. Click OK.

DIAdem labels the y-axis with the numeric values and with the unit m/s.

Note  The user command Set_Unit appends the unit to the value to be currently formatted. Refer to the UserCmdReport.VBS file for the user command Set_Unit. This file also contains other formatting commands.


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