Saving Control Groups for User Dialog Boxes

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Edition Date: June 2018
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Use the catalog in the dialog editor to store groups of controls and to reuse them in other user dialog boxes. Complete the following steps to generate a new group of controls in the catalog:

  1. Select the DIAdem SCRIPT panel.

  1. Select Edit»Create Dialog Box.

  2. Click the Button control on the Controls bar.

  3. Drag open the control in the dialog box area.

  4. Click the Text control on the Controls bar.

  5. Drag open the control in the dialog box area.

  6. Drag open a selection frame around both controls.

  7. Select Edit»Copy.

  8. Select View»Catalog. DIAdem opens the catalog window.

  9. Right-click the catalog window and select Paste from the context menu.

The dialog editor saves control groups as new symbols in the catalog. The dialog editor saves all the control properties and events and the positions of the controls in relation to each other. You can drag control groups from the catalog and drop them into the dialog area. The catalog contents are maintained after the dialog editor is closed. You can use several catalogs for different tasks. Use the catalog context menu to create or to open a catalog.

Note  Use the context menu of a symbol to modify or to edit the symbol of a control group in the catalog.


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