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In self-defined user dialog boxes, use scripts to change controls from visible to invisible and vice versa. Complete the following steps to generate a dynamic user dialog box:

  1. Select the DIAdem SCRIPT panel.

  1. Select Edit»Create Dialog Box.

  2. Select View»Catalog.

  3. Click and drag the Standard Dialog from the Catalog window into the dialog box interface.

  4. Select View»Script View to open the script editor. Enlarge the editor window if necessary.

  5. Select the event EventClick under Dialog in the event tree of the script editor.

  6. Enter or copy the following text into the script editor:

    Sub Dialog_EventClick(ByRef This)
      If NILogo.Visible = 0 Then 'Logo is invisible
        NILogo.Visible = 1       'Make logo visible
      Else                       'Logo is visible
        NILogo.Visible = 0       'Make logo invisible
      End If
    End Sub
    Note  Add the above text to the lines generated automatically by the script editor.

    Select File»Save As and save the file as Test.sud.

  7. Select View»Test in DIAdem to test the functions of the user dialog box.

  8. Click the dialog box several times. Each time you click, DIAdem executes the event Dialog_EventClick, which displays and hides the logo alternately.

  9. Close the user dialog box in DIAdem.

Note  Use layers in user dialog boxes to make several controls invisible. The Layer property makes all the controls in one layer visible or invisible.
Note  Use the TabPageCtrl control to define a register that can contain several overlapping tabs. Each tab can contain any number of controls. This group of controls enables you to clearly display a number of controls in one user dialog box.


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