Displaying the Curve Coordinates

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Edition Date: June 2018
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Use the DIAdem VIEW coordinates window to display the curve values in a 2D axis system as numeric values. To display the curve values in the coordinates window, complete the following steps :

  1. Select the DIAdem VIEW panel.

  2. Select File»New.

  3. Select one or more channels in the Data Portal.

  4. Drag and drop the selected channels into the DIAdem workspace.

  5. Select 2D Axis System.

Note If you select only one channel in the Data Portal, DIAdem displays this channel with the channel index. If you select several channels, the channel selected first is the x-channel. If you select waveform channels, DIAdem displays the waveform channels with their x-parts.
  1. Move the mouse cursor to the right edge of the area where DIAdem displays the curve. The cursor changes into a double arrow.

  2. Drag the edge to the left until the legend of the axis system is visible.

  3. Select the Crosshair Cursor and the Curve Cursor.

  4. Drag the cursor.

DIAdem displays the values the cursor is on, in the legend.


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