Displaying Videos and Data Synchronously

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Edition Date: June 2018
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Use videos, for example, to add a film about the test into your layout. To start a video and to simultaneously display the associated data complete the following steps:

  1. Select DIAdem VIEW.

  2. Select Assigned Worksheet Partitions»Video/Graphic/2D Axis System.

  3. Select Select Video from the context menu of the top left window.

  4. Click the ... button.

  5. Select the video Safetytest02.wmv from the user folder.

  6. Click Open.

  7. Click OK.

  8. Select DIAdem NAVIGATOR.

  9. Click Delete Internal Data.

  10. Drag and drop the Example.tdm data set from the user folder in the file browser onto the root of the Data Portal.

  11. Select DIAdem VIEW.

  12. Drag and drop the Noise_1 channel onto the 2D axis system.

  13. Select Display from the context menu of the video.

  14. Select Cursor Synchronisation.

  15. Select X-Cursor as the Time axis.

  16. Click OK to close the dialog boxes.

  17. Click Go to Start on the toolbar to go to the start of the video.

  18. Click Play on the toolbar to run the video. DIAdem displays the respective cursor in the 2D axis system parallel to the video.


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