Method: UpdateScaling for 3DAxisSystem

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Edition Date: June 2018
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Refreshes the values which DIAdem REPORT uses to automatically scale a 3D axis system. You can use the values specified automatically, for example, for manual scaling.

Object with this method

The following example generates a 3D axis system and uses the rounded up and automatically specified scaling values for manual scaling:

Dim oMy3DAxisSystem, oMy3DCurve, oMyPos, oMyShape, oMyZScaling
Call Data.Root.Clear()
Call DataFileLoad(DataReadPath & "Report_Data.tdm","TDM","")
Call Report.NewLayout()
Set oMy3DAxisSystem = Report.ActiveSheet.Objects.Add(eReportObject3DAxisSystem,"My3DAxisSystem")
Set oMyPos = oMy3DAxisSystem.Position.ByCoordinate
oMyPos.X1 = 20
oMyPos.X2 = 80
oMyPos.Y1 = 20 
oMyPos.Y2 = 80
Set oMy3DCurve = oMy3DAxisSystem.Curves3D.Add(e3DShapeSurface, "MyNew3DCurve")
Set oMyShape = oMy3DCurve.Shape
oMyShape.DataStructure = e3DDataStructureTriplet
oMyShape.XChannel.Reference = "[2]/[1]"
oMyShape.YChannel.Reference = "[2]/[2]"
oMyShape.ZChannel.Reference = "[2]/[3]"
Set oMyZScaling = oMy3DAxisSystem.AxisList.Z.Scaling
Call oMy3DAxisSystem.UpdateScaling()
oMyZScaling.AutoScalingType = eAxisScalingSimpleManual
oMyZScaling.End = Int(oMyZScaling.End) + 1
Call Report.Refresh()


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