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The Export object provides the export properties in DIAdem REPORT. DIAdem saves the export properties in the layout. The export properties contain the Properties collection with a list of custom properties for the export of the layout. If you export the layout as an Office file in XML format, or as a PDF-, JPEG-, PNG- or TIFF-file, DIAdem saves these properties as meta properties in the document. Use Document <Data> to access the meta properties in exported documents.

The following example sets the custom properties of the layout and exports all worksheets into the PDF file MyFile:

Dim oMyExport, oMyProperties, oMyProperty
Set oMyExport = Report.Settings.Export
Set oMyProperties = oMyExport.Properties
If Not(oMyProperties.Exists("Company")) Then
  Set oMyProperty = oMyProperties.Add("Company")
  oMyProperty.DataType = ePropertyDataTypeString
  oMyProperty.Value = "NI"
End If
Call Report.Sheets.ExportToPDF(ScriptWritePath & "MyFile.pdf",False)



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