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Edition Date: June 2018
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The RTFText object provides access to a Text Object in DIAdem-REPORT.

Note With the object-oriented script interface in DIAdem REPORT, you can only create, position, and select text objects. You cannot create and change text in text objects.

The following example generates a text object, positions this text object, and then exports the text object to the MyRtfText.png graphics file:

Dim oMyRTFText, oMyRTFTextPosition
Call Report.NewLayout()
Set oMyRTFText = Report.ActiveSheet.Objects.Add(eReportObjectRTFText,"MyRtfText")
Set oMyRTFTextPosition = oMyRTFText.Position
oMyRTFTextPosition.ByCoordinate.X1 = 100
oMyRTFTextPosition.ByCoordinate.X2 = 30
oMyRTFTextPosition.ByCoordinate.Y1 = 10
oMyRTFTextPosition.ByCoordinate.Y2 = 10
Call oMyRTFText.ExportToImage("MyRtfText",eImageExportTypePNG)


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