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Edition Date: June 2018
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Specifies whether DIAdem REPORT displays several curves in a 2D axis system if several data channels have the same channel name.

Object with this property
Object.EnableBoolean with read and write access
Specifies whether DIAdem REPORT plots several curves (TRUE) or not (FALSE).

The following example enables the name-oriented mode with curve expansion and generates a 2D axis system with a curve definition. DIAdem plots two curves because the channel name of the loaded data set is located in two channel groups:

Dim oMyReportSettings, oMy2DAxisSystem, oMyCurve, oMyPos, oMyShape
Call Report.NewLayout()
Call Data.Root.Clear()
Call DataFileLoad(DataReadPath & "TR_M17_QT_32-1.tdm","TDM","")
Set oMyReportSettings = Report.Settings
oMyReportSettings.CurveExpansion.Enable = True
oMyReportSettings.CurveExpansion.AttributeList.Enable = True
oMyReportSettings.UseChannelReferenceByName = True

Set oMy2DAxisSystem = Report.ActiveSheet.Objects.Add(eReportObject2DAxisSystem, "My2DAxisSystem")
Set oMyPos = oMy2DAxisSystem.Position.ByCoordinate
oMyPos.X1 = 20
oMyPos.X2 = 80
oMyPos.Y1 = 20 
oMyPos.Y2 = 80
Set oMyCurve = oMy2DAxisSystem.Curves2D.Add(e2DShapeLine, "MyCurve")
Set oMyShape = oMyCurve.Shape
oMyShape.Settings.UseCurveExpansion = True
oMyShape.XChannel.Reference = "" 
oMyShape.YChannel.Reference = "Temp_A"
Call Report.Refresh()


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