Method: GetValueList for IndexedProperty

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Edition Date: June 2018
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Returns in a DataFinder the list of indexed values for a text property or for an optimized text custom property.

Set oValueList = Object.GetValueList([AdvancedQuery], [Prefix])
Object with this method
[AdvancedQuery]AdvancedQuery <DataFinder>
Specifies the search condition that DIAdem uses to limit the values list in advance.
DIAdem only returns the values that start with Prefix.
Returned object
Note  Use the property ValueMaxCount for QueryForm to specify the maximum number of indexed values to be displayed in DIAdem NAVIGATOR. Use the property ValueMaxCount for DataFinder to specify the maximum number of indexed values in a search without the interface.
Note  Use the Set statement to assign objects to a variable and to make it easier to access these objects.

The following example increases the maximum length of the list of indexed values by 100, as long as this list cannot accept all values of the Name channel property.

Dim oMyDataFinder, oMyProperties, oMyValues, ValueMaxCount
Set oMyDataFinder = Navigator.ConnectDataFinder("My DataFinder")
Set oMyProperties = oMyDataFinder.GetIndexedProperties(eSearchChannel)
Set oMyValues = oMyProperties.Item("Name").GetValueList
While oMyValues.IsIncomplete
   oMyDataFinder.ValueMaxCount = oMyDataFinder.ValueMaxCount + 100
   Set oMyValues = oMyProperties("Name").GetValueList

The following example displays the names of all the indexed channels that are in files in the NAVIGATOR user folder.

Dim MyDataFinder, MyProperties, MyAdaptiveQuery, MyChnNames, i 
Set MyDataFinder = Navigator.ConnectDataFinder("My DataFinder")
Set MyProperties = MyDataFinder.GetIndexedProperties(eSearchChannel)
Set MyAdaptiveQuery = Navigator.ConnectDataFinder("My DataFinder").CreateQuery(eAdvancedQuery)
Call MyAdaptiveQuery.Conditions.Add(eSearchFile, "fullpath", "=", DataReadPath & "*")
Set MyChnNames = MyProperties.Item("name").GetValueList(MyAdaptiveQuery) 
Dim MyOutput
For i = 1 To MyChnNames.Count
  MyOutput = MyOutput & "; " & MyChnNames.Values(i)
MsgBox MyOutput


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