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The AdvancedQuery object provides the properties of an Advanced search in a DataFinder. If you run an advanced search, DIAdem searches for the property values of the files, groups, or channels that you selected.

Note  If you enter parameters for an advanced search in the DIAdem NAVIGATOR interface and press <Ctrl-Shift-C>, DIAdem saves a script for the use of the AdvancedQuery object to the clipboard.

The following example creates an advanced search for channels contained in the Dataset_001 channel groups, executes the search, and loads the results:

Dim oMyDataFinder, oMyAdvancedQuery, oMyResults 
Set oMyDataFinder = Navigator.ConnectDataFinder("My DataFinder")
Set oMyAdvancedQuery = oMyDataFinder.CreateQuery(eAdvancedQuery)
oMyAdvancedQuery.ReturnType = eSearchChannel
Call oMyAdvancedQuery.Conditions.Add(eSearchChannelGroup, "name", "=", "Dataset_001")
Call oMyDataFinder.Search(oMyAdvancedQuery)
Set oMyResults = oMyDataFinder.ResultsElements
Call Navigator.LoadData(oMyResults)


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