Property: ValueMaxCount for DataFinder

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Specifies the maximum length of the list of indexed values when a DataFinder is being searched without the interface.

Object with this property
Object.ValueMaxCountLongInteger with read and write access
Note  If you change the ValueMaxCount length, the change is not effective until you refresh the list with the GetValueList method.
Note  You can use the IsIncomplete property to determine whether the list of indexed values is complete.

The following example creates a list of all the indexed filename properties. When the list is complete, the example increases the maximum length of the list.

Dim oMyDataFinder, IndexedFileProperties, IndexedProperty, ValueList
Set oMyDataFinder = Navigator.ConnectDataFinder("My DataFinder")
Set IndexedFileProperties = OMyDataFinder.GetIndexedProperties(eSearchFile)
Set IndexedProperty = IndexedFileProperties.Item("fileName") 
Set ValueList = IndexedProperty.GetValueList
If ValueList.IsIncomplete Then
   oMyDataFinder.ValueMaxCount = oMyDataFinder.ValueMaxCount + 200
   Set ValueList = IndexedProperty.GetValueList
End If


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