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Edition Date: June 2018
Part Number: 370858P-01
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Triggers in user dialog boxes to display the value of a cell of the extended table.

When the extended table refreshes, the EventValGet event triggers for all visible cells.

EventValGet(ByRef This, Row, Col, ByRef Cell, IsInputCell)
This Object that triggers this event.
Row Specifies the row number of the cell.
The row 0 contains the column header type Text. The actual data of the extended table start at line 1.
Col Specifies the column number of the cell.
Column 0 contains the type Text for the line text. The actual data of the extended table start in column 1.
Cell Control that is assigned to the cell.
You can use all the properties and methods of the control.
For this parameter you can use CodeCompletion within the event procedure.
IsInputCell Specifies whether you edit the control of the display mode or the control of the entry mode.
Note  User the methods RefreshCols and RefreshRows to refresh single columns or rows of an extended table.
Note  To lock single cells against entries, select entry mode (IsInputCell=TRUE) and set the property Cell.Enable = 0.
Note  Do not initialize the control in this event. To configure the control, use the event EventColCtrlPreset or EventDefaultColCtrlPreset instead.
Note  Use the dialog box Configure columns to determine the type of the control that is assigned to the column with the number Col. To open this dialog box, select the extended table in the dialog editor and click Columns on the Properties tab. You can assign the following types of controls to a column: Button, CheckBox, ChnComboBox, ChnListBox, ComboBox, EditBox, ListBox and Text. Refer to the the DIAdem Help for information on the properties and methods of these controls. The control properties, which you also can set in the Cell type dialog box of the extended table, are identified accordingly in the DIAdem help.

The following example displays the names and the values of channels in the extended table XTable1, which consists of input fields. In display mode, the table displays the channel values in red with one decimal place. In entry mode, the channel values are displayed in blue with all the decimal places:

Sub XTable1_EventValGet(ByRef This, Row, Col, ByRef Cell, IsInputCell)
  If Row = 0 Then
    If Col <> 0 Then
      Cell.Text = Data.Root.ActiveChannelGroup.Channels(Col).Name
      Cell.Text = ""
    End If
    Select Case Col
    Case 0
      Cell.Text = Row
    Case Else
      If IsInputCell Then
        Cell.Text = Str(Data.Root.ActiveChannelGroup.Channels(Col).Values(Row))
        Cell.Text = Str(Data.Root.ActiveChannelGroup.Channels(Col).Values(Row),"d.d")
      End If
    End Select 
  End If
End Sub 

Sub XTable1_EventDefaultColCtrlPreset(Col, ByRef Cell, IsInputCell)
  If IsInputCell Then
    Cell.ForeColor = vbBlue
    Cell.ForeColor = vbRed
  End If
End Sub


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