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Edition Date: June 2018
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Properties define the appearance and behavior of controls in user dialog boxes. You can modify most properties in scripts while the user dialog box is running, and in the dialog editor when you generate the user dialog box. If you can only access the property in one of these two ways, the property description includes a note to this effect. 

You can edit some of the control properties in the workspace of the dialog editor, such as button labels. You can assign other properties to the selected control in the Properties window.  If you select several controls in the workspace, the properties window only displays the common properties.

The subordinate topics contained in the tree on the contents tab of the Help describe all the properties of the script interface of user dialog boxes.

Note  If the list of possible values for a property starts with a number, for example 0 - No, you only can modify the property in the script using the number, not the keyword.


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