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Edition Date: June 2018
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The bar manager enables you to customize the DIAdem interface for special applications. You can use the bar manager to match the menus and buttons on toolbars, group bars, and function groups, and the assigned commands, to special tasks. You can also enhance the DIAdem user interface by adding single buttons to the DIAdem menus, toolbars and function groups, or you can create new function groups with several buttons.

The bar manager consists of objects and subobjects which you can create, delete, or modify with a script to customize the DIAdem interface.

The global object is the BarManager object. The BarManager object provides the DIAdem main window and the DIAdem panels including all the bars and bar elements in the panels.

The ActionObjs collection includes all bar elements that are available in DIAdem. A bar element appears on the DIAdem interface with a symbol and corresponds to a button, (ActionObjButton), or a button that displays a status (ActionObjCheckButton), or a button that opens a subbar (ActionObjPopup), or a separator (ActionObjSeparator).

The Bars collection contains all the bars you can use in DIAdem. A bar comprises one or several of the available bar elements. To use a specific bar element in several bars the UsedActionObjs collection associated with each bar only contains references to the bar elements of the ActionObjs collection from which the bar is compiled.

The panels collection contains all panels that DIAdem offers. As of DIAdem version 2015, a Panel contains three bars: the menu bar, the toolbar, and the function bar. Earlier DIAdem versions only contain two bars and no menu bar. The UsedBars collection associated with every panel contains references to the bars in the bars collection that the panel uses. Therefore you can use one bar in several panels.

The following section shows an object structure of the bar manager and how you can click to the objects:

Click here for an example on working with the bar manager.

All bar manager objects have the property ID, which receives the precise name of the object. If you want to modify or extend the bar elements of the DIAdem interface, you need the names of these objects. If you press <Ctrl-Shift> and idle the cursor on a bar element, DIAdem displays a tooltip with the name of the bar, the name of the bar element, and the name of the base object or base type. DIAdem also copies this information, separated by a space, to the clipboard.


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