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Specifies how DIAdem determines the data format for TDM data.

Definition FileSaveDataType, Enumeration variable
Enumeration variable with the following selection terms
Script Term Interface term, Explanation
"Auto binary"
Floating point
Optimize data type

If you use the “Auto binary” setting, DIAdem tries to save numeric channels in the original data format in order to use as little space as possible on the hard drive. DIAdem rounds the values without significant errors and saves the data in the smallest possible data format. For example, if you load a channel from a DIAdem TDM file in the INT16 format, DIAdem checks whether the channel has changed and whether DIAdem can save the modified values in the original INT16 format without losing data.

Use the ChnQuantize command to condition the values of a channel so that DIAdem can save the values in an integer data type.

If you use the setting "OptimizedDatatype", DIAdem uses the algorithm of the command ChnOptimizeDataType to optimize the data type without significant errors.

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DIAdem Settings: NAVIGATOR | Program Variables in Commands


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