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Edition Date: March 2018

Part Number: 370928G-01

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March 2018, 370928G-01

Requires: VI Analyzer Toolkit. This topic might not match its corresponding palette in LabVIEW depending on your operating system, licensed product(s), and target.

Use the VI Analyzer VIs with the LabVIEW VI Analyzer Toolkit to programmatically run tests that check VIs for style, efficiency, and other aspects of LabVIEW programming.

Note  Select Tools»VI Analyzer»Analyze VIs to use the VI Analyzer to interactively run tests on an open VI or to create a VI Analyzer task to analyze a set of VIs.

You can add VIs written with the VI Analyzer VIs to the labview\project\_VI Analyzer\Quick Launch folder. These VIs appear as menu options in Tools»VI Analyzer»Quick Launch. If you want to create a quick launch test, you must start with the following template:

labview\vi.lib\addons\analyzer\analyzerapi.llb\VIAn Quick Launch VI Template.vit

The VIs you run from the Quick Launch menu run in a private application instance that is separate from the main application instance.

The VIs on this palette can return VI Analyzer error codes.

Palette ObjectDescription
VIAn Destroy TaskCloses an existing VI Analyzer task reference and releases resources associated with the task.
VIAn Easy AnalyzeRuns a VI Analyzer task automatically using settings in the specified configuration file.
VIAn Easy ReportExports the results of an analysis to a file, either as a report in ASCII or HTML format or as a VI Analyzer results file.
VIAn New TaskCreates a VI Analyzer task, which you can use with other VI Analyzer VIs to configure and run an analysis.
VIAn RunAnalyzes VIs using the settings that VI Analyzer Task in specifies. You can wire the results to the VIAn Easy Report VI.
VIAn Save Configuration FileSaves the current VI Analyzer task settings to a configuration file.

VI Analyzer Utilities VIsUse the VI Analyzer Utilities VIs to modify the configuration settings for a VI Analyzer task.

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