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NI Volume License Manager 3.1 Help

Edition Date: June 2013

Part Number: 370967F-01

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Complete the NI VLM Getting Started Wizard to install your agreement license file and set basic server settings. Configure NI VLM preferences such as administrator information, port numbers, overdraft settings, email server settings, and custom fields. Define a set of clients (groups) that use the same set of software. Decide how you want to distribute licenses to your clients. If clients are connected to your network, you can use Volume License Installers. If clients are not connected to your network, you can create disconnected license files. Gather client information such as user and computer names, Computer ID, and email address, using the NI VLM Import Utility. Import the client information into NI VLM using the NI VLM Import Utility. Create disconnected license files to distribute to your clients. Install the disconnected license files onto client computers. Create Volume License Installers to distribute NI software to clients connected to your network. Decide whether to have NI VLM handle automatically any permission requests generated by Volume License Installers or whether to handle permission requests manually. Send your VLA Log to NI to complete NI VLM configuration and enable technical support for your clients.

Adding a Group to NI VLM

Complete the following steps to add a group to NI Volume License Manager:

  1. In the Groups view, click on Add User Group or Add Computer Group.
  2. Fill in group information, as follows:
    • Name—The name of the group.
    • Visibility—Select whether the group is Public or Private. Public groups are displayed when a client runs a Volume License Installer and in NI License Manager 3.5 or later. Private groups are not displayed to clients.
    • Permission Request Handling—Select how you want NI VLM to handle permission requests for this group, either Manual or Automatic. For more information, refer to Handling Permission Requests.
    • Description—Enter a description of the group (optional). This description is displayed to clients when they run Volume License Installers and in NI License Manager's Groups list.
  3. Click the Add button next to the Licenses box to add licenses to the group.
    Note Note  A group can contain only computer-based licenses or only named-user licenses. You cannot mix these license types.
  4. Click the Add button next to the Members box to add Users or Computers to the group.
    Note Note  The most efficient way to get clients into NI VLM is with Volume License Installers. Create Volume License Installers to allow clients to install software, enter their user information, and request permissions to groups.
  5. Click Save to save the new group.

Editing a Group in NI VLM

Select one of the following methods to edit a group from the Groups view:

  • Click Edit Group.
  • Double-click a group.

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