Configuring Overdraft

NI Volume License Manager 3.1 Help

Edition Date: June 2013

Part Number: 370967F-01

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Overdraft is an agreement preference that enables you to use more licenses than the agreement specifies and pay for them later. Refer to your volume license agreement for specific purchasing requirements and overdraft licensing options.

You can allow an overdraft of up to two times the number of licenses purchased with the agreement. The assignment of permissions beyond agreement limits, along with the overdraft settings, is noted in the VLA Log that you send to National Instruments at the end of the agreement period.

Complete the following steps to set overdraft policies:

  1. Select Enable Overdraft if you want to enable overdraft or select Disable Overdraft if you do not want to use overdraft.
    Note Note  This setting applies to all products in your agreement license file, except those products that use concurrent licenses. You must accept the terms and conditions notification before overdraft can be enabled in NI VLM.
  2. If you enabled overdraft:
    1. Use the slider to set the overdraft percentage. This percentage is the amount of licenses that you can use in addition to your purchased agreement licenses.
    2. Check Enable pay-as-you-go if you want to enable pay-as-you-go. This setting reminds you when you overdraft licenses to send your VLA Log to NI in order to cover the overdraft by purchasing the corresponding licenses.
    Notes Notes  
    • You do not need to select pay-as-you-go in order to enable overdrafts. If you do not check pay-as-you-go, you will pay for the overdrafted licenses at your volume license agreement renewal.
    • If you enable pay-as-you-go, the license maintenance will be prorated when you pay for the license. If you do not enable pay-as-you-go, the license maintenance will not be prorated. For more information on renewing agreements, refer to Renewing Expired Agreements.


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