Entering Required Agreement License File Data

NI Volume License Manager 3.1 Help

Edition Date: June 2013

Part Number: 370967F-01

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National Instruments needs the following information in order to process your request for a new agreement license file.

  1. Complete the form, adding the following information. All fields, except Comments, are required. The Comments field is required only if you select a custom license model.
    • Administrator Name—Enter the full name of the volume license administrator–the person whom National Instruments should contact if there are any issue with this license request.
    • Administrator Email—Enter the email address of the volume license administrator. NI will send the license file to this address.
    • Company—Enter the name of the company on the volume license agreement.
    • Service ID—Enter the Service ID of the volume license agreement. You can find your Service ID on your sales order acknowledgement (SOA), any quotes you may have received, and in your Welcome email. If you cannot find your Service ID, contact your National Instruments sales representative.
    • License Model—Select the license model that you want to use with your volume license agreement. You can select All Named-User, All Computer-Based, and Custom - Specify in Comments (Examples in Help). Refer to license models for more information.
    • Comments—Enter a custom license model and any other comments you might have. For example:
      LabVIEW Professional: 10 seats named-user and 2 seats computer-based
      DIAdem Full: All named-user
      TestStand Development: All computer-based
      Note Note  Deployment licenses are available as computer-based licenses only.
  2. Click Send or Save, depending on whether you selected to automatically request a new agreement license file or whether you selected to save the information to a text file and send it in manually.



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