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Edition Date: June 2013

Part Number: 370967F-01

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Note  For the latest version of this statement, refer to the Software Activation Privacy Statement web page.

Any information you provide to activate a software license will only be used by NI or its subsidiaries¹ to manage the software to ensure compliance with the applicable license and to communicate with you about product recalls, service contract entitlements and other matters essential to the software or related services. Otherwise, it will not be shared with any other third parties. If you are within the European Union (the "EU") you should note that the EU has deemed the United States to have inadequate data protection laws. However, providing this information is required for your use of the licensed software. Accordingly, by providing this information, you are consenting to its transfer outside of the EU for the limited purpose set forth above.

If you choose to register your software, submit NI Volume License Manager activity logs with user information, or if you permit use of your information for the purposes of periodic contact by mail, telephone, or email on topics such as relevant product updates or technical events in your area, your information may be used as described in the National Instruments Privacy Statement.


¹ National Instruments Corporation, 11500 N. Mopac Expressway, Austin, TX, 78759, U.S.A.; for privacy related concerns, please contact our Privacy Officer at (512) 683-0100,, or NI's subsidiary from which you purchased your software (for contact details, please see applicable order documentation).



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