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NI Volume License Manager 3.1 Help

Edition Date: June 2013

Part Number: 370967F-01

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NI VLM 3.1 offers the following new and improved features:


Use the Reports view to determine how licenses are used. Refer to Creating Reports.

Administrator Notifications

Using administrator notifications, you can now select to receive certain notifications from NI VLM, in case of important events. Refer to Enabling Administrator Notifications for more information.

Email Clients Wizard

Use the Email Clients Wizard to email one or more clients. Refer to Sending Email to Clients for more information.

Batch Update Custom Fields

Using Batch Update, you can update a custom field value for multiple users or computers to a single, consistent value. Refer to Batch Updating Custom Fields for more information.

VLA Log Wizard

Use the VLA Log Wizard to generate and send a VLA Log to National Instruments from within NI VLM. You can also set NI VLM to automatically send VLA Logs to NI. Refer to Sending a VLA Log to NI for more information.

Permission Request Client Notifications

NI VLM can now automatically email clients when permission requests are handled. Refer to Configuring Email Server Settings for more information.

Licenses View In-Use Tab

Improved current usage in the Licenses view. From this view, you can see usage for unmanaged concurrent licenses and for clients assigned by IP address. You can also see what time an in-use license was checked out. Refer to Licenses View for more information.

VLA Policies

NI VLM provides the ability to manage policies across client machines. You can control whether clients can use NI Update Service, can send error reports to NI, and can enroll in the Customer Experience Improvement Program. Refer to VLA Policies for more information.

Export Current Permissions

You can now run NI VLM with a command line option to export a list of current permissions to a file. Refer to Exporting Current Permissions for more information.



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