Creating Home License Files

NI Volume License Manager 3.1 Help

Edition Date: June 2013

Part Number: 370967F-01

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A home license is similar to a disconnected license but does not consume a license on the volume license server and is intended for home use only, according to the terms of your volume license agreement with National Instruments. A home license cannot contain concurrent or debug licenses.

Before creating a home license file, you must first add a user or computer and assign any appropriate permissions. For more information, refer to Adding Users or Computers.

Creating Home License Files

Complete the following steps to create home license files.

  1. In the either the Users or Computers view, select one computer or user.
  2. Click Create Home License.
  3. Complete the Home License Wizard.
  4. Instruct the client to install the license file on their home machine.

Using the Home License Wizard



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