Sending a VLA Log to NI

NI Volume License Manager 3.1 Help

Edition Date: June 2013

Part Number: 370967F-01

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Use the VLA Log Wizard to generate and send a VLA Log to National Instruments from within NI VLM. You can also set NI VLM to send VLA Logs to NI automatically from Preferences»General»Automatically send VLA Log to National Instruments.

You must send VLA Logs to NI for the following reasons:
  • When your volume license agreement is expiring
  • When you want to update client information to grant access to NI technical support
  • When you enable the pay-as-you-go option and assign a license that increases the overdraft usage

Launch the VLA Log Wizard from the Tools»Send VLA Log menu item, and the wizard will walk you through the following steps to generate and send a VLA Log to NI.

  1. Generating a VLA Log
  2. Specifying the Output Method
  3. Sending the Specified VLA Log to NI
  4. Finishing the VLA Log Wizard

Refer to VLA Log Frequently Asked Questions for additional information about VLA Logs.


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