NI-RFSG Instrument Driver Programming Flow

NI RF Signal Generators Help (NI-RFSG 18.1)

Edition Date: June 2018
Part Number: 371025V-01
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NI-RFSG 18.1 Help
NI-RFSG 18.2.1 Help
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NI-RFSG VIs are located on the LabVIEW Functions palette at Measurement I/O»NI-RFSG. The top-level NI-RFSG Functions palette is shown, and the core VIs are highlighted in the following figure:

Every application using NI-RFSG must call the five VIs highlighted on the preceding palette image. These VIs are arranged from left to right in the order they must be called:

 1. niRFSG Initialize—Opens a session to the NI-RFSG device and initializes both the AWG and the upconverter hardware.
 2. niRFSG Configure RF—Configures the frequency and power level of the RF output signal.
 3. niRFSG Initiate—Initiates signal generation.
 4. niRFSG Check Generation Status—Monitors signal generation status and checks for any errors which may occur during signal generation.
 5. niRFSG Close—Closes the NI-RFSG session and deallocates memory resources used by NI-RFSG. You must call this VI once for every session opened with niRFSG Initialize.


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