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.NET Functions (Windows)

LabVIEW 8.2 Help
August 2006

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Owning Palette: Connectivity VIs and Functions

Use the .NET functions to create .NET objects, set properties or call methods on those objects, and handle events for those objects in the .NET environment. You also can create a .NET control on the front panel. Creating and communicating with .NET objects requires the .NET Framework 1.1 Service Pack 1 or later.

The functions on this palette can return general LabVIEW error codes or specific Windows connectivity error codes.

Refer to the labview\examples\comm\dotnet directory for examples using the .NET functions.

Palette ObjectDescription
.NET Object To VariantConverts a .NET object to a LabVIEW variant.
Close ReferenceCloses a refnum associated with an open VI, VI object, an open application instance, or a .NET or ActiveX object.
Constructor NodeCreates an instance of a .NET object. This node identifies the constructor from which to create a .NET object.
Invoke NodeInvokes a method or action on a reference. Most methods have associated parameters.
Property NodeGets (reads) and/or sets (writes) properties of a reference.
Register Event CallbackRegisters a VI to be called when an event occurs. You use this function to register and handle .NET and ActiveX events. LabVIEW uses the type of the input reference wired to each item to determine the events for which you can register.
Static VI ReferenceMaintains a static reference to a VI. You can configure the Static VI Reference function to output a generic or strictly typed VI reference.
To .NET ObjectConverts a LabVIEW data type to a .NET object. You can convert numeric (except extended precision and complex), string, Boolean, timestamp, path, .NET refnum, and array data types.
To More Generic ClassTypecasts a reference, such as a control or a type definition, to a more generic class in the inheritance hierarchy.
To More Specific ClassTypecasts a reference, such as a control or a type definition, to a more specific class in the inheritance hierarchy.
Unregister For EventsUnregisters all events associated with an event registration refnum.



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