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Using LabVIEW Projects

LabVIEW 8.2 Help
August 2006

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Use projects to group together LabVIEW files and non-LabVIEW files, create build specifications, and deploy or download files to targets. When you save a project, LabVIEW creates a project file (.lvproj), which includes references to files in the project, configuration information, build information, deployment information, and so on.

You must use a project to build applications and shared libraries. You also must use a project to work with an RT, FPGA, PDA, Touch Panel, DSP, or embedded target. Refer to the specific module documentation for more information about using projects with these targets.

If you are using a project with an NI device driver, refer to the specific driver documentation for more information about using projects with drivers.

Project Explorer Window

Use the Project Explorer window to create and edit LabVIEW projects. Select FileNew Project to display the Project Explorer window. You also can select ProjectNew Project or select Empty Project in the New dialog box to display the Project Explorer window.

The Project Explorer window includes the following items by default:

  • Project root—Contains all other items in the Project Explorer window. This label on the project root includes the filename for the project.

When you add another target to the project, LabVIEW creates an additional item in the Project Explorer window to represent the target. Each target also includes Dependencies and Build Specifications. You can add files under each target .

You can place a VI from the Project Explorer window on the block diagram of another open VI. Select the VI you want to use as a subVI from the Project Explorer window, and drag it to the block diagram of the other VI.

You also can use the Project properties and methods to configure and modify projects and the Project Explorer window programmatically.



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