Application Methods (ActiveX)

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Edition Date: March 2018
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Requires: Base Development System

An Application object exports methods that affect LabVIEW.

Note  Method parameters denoted by [] are optional for that method.

Refer to the ActiveX Enumerations for more information about the enumerations used in various methods.

In the following topics, an asterisk (*) at the end of a data type name indicates that the method is a pointer.

_GetVIQualifiedNameReturns the qualified name of a VI without loading the VI. Details
AllMethodsOfLVClass2Returns an array of names and an array of paths for all methods of a class. The methods of the class are member VIs that can be called as subVIs. In other words, global VIs, control VIs, and polymorphic VIs are excluded from the output arrays. Details
BringToFrontOn Windows and Mac OS X, brings the application windows to the front. Details
BrowseDataSocketLaunches the National Instruments DataSocket Browser dialog box to establish a connection to a DataSocket item. Details
CreateLibraryCreates a new LabVIEW project library. Details
GetHierImgScaledGets the scaled image of the VI Hierarchy. Details
GetVIEditorVersionReturns the version of LabVIEW that last saved the VI. This version might be different than the file format version of the VI. For example, if you used LabVIEW 9.0.1 to save a VI, the VI has a file format version of 9.0, but this method returns 9.0.1. To obtain the file format version of the VI, use the GetVIVersion method. Details
GetVIReferencePlaces a VI in memory and returns the IDispatch pointer for the VI. Details
GetVIVersionReturns the version of LabVIEW in which the VI was last saved. LabVIEW does not open the VI when retrieving the version information. If you specify a path to a file that is not a VI, LabVIEW returns error 6559. Details
LibraryGetFileLVVersionReturns the version of LabVIEW in which the LabVIEW project library was created. Details
LVClassImplementingVIPathReturns the path to the VI that implements the specified method within the specified class. If the specified class does not implement the method, this method returns an ancestor VI implementation. Details
MassCompileLoads and compiles VIs in a directory, including VIs in subdirectories, for the specified application instance. Details
NewProjectCreates a new, empty LabVIEW project. You also can use the LabVIEW Project Explorer window to create a new project. Details
OpenLibraryOpens the LabVIEW project library. Details
OpenProjectLoads a LabVIEW project from disk. If the project is already in memory, this method returns a reference to the existing project. You can use this reference with the Project properties. In LabVIEW, you also can select File»Open Project to navigate to and open a project. Details
ProjectGetFileLVVersionReturns the LabVIEW file format version of the project. This version might be different from the version of LabVIEW in which the project was last saved. Details
QuitQuits the application. Details


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