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Edition Date: March 2018
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Requires: Base Development System

Class: VI Methods (ActiveX)

Calls the VI as a subVI. Optionally, you can open the front panel of the VI and close it after the call is over. You also can suspend the VI when called.


object.Call2([Param Names], [Param Values], [Open Front Panel], [Close Front Panel After Call], [Suspend On Call], [Bring App To Front])


Param Namesarray of strings by refNames of the LabVIEW front panel objects that act as input and output parameters to the call.
Param Valuesarray of variants by refInput values for the input parameters and return values from the output parameters in the order in which the names were specified in paramNames. Designates the front panel object values for the input parameters. The values of parameters can be numeric, Boolean, string, or array. A cluster in LabVIEW is represented as an array of variants in ActiveX.
Open Front PanelBooleanOpens the front panel of the VI.
Close Front Panel After CallBooleanCloses the front panel of the VI after the call if the front panel was not already closed.
Suspend On CallBooleanSuspends, or pauses the execution of, the VI on call.
Bring App To FrontBooleanBrings the application to the front.

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